On September 13, 2012 by David Krause

Portlandia has been busy filming all over Portland lately. Just walking down the street you can see camera, lighting, and sound crews wandering around and you can’t help but wonder if it’s Portlandia or Grimm or Leverage. I know a few people that have run into Fred Armisen during it’s filming around the city.


Season 3 of Portlandia should be full of celebrity guests including Chloe Sevigny, many of the Saturday Night Live cast, as well as musicians, locally grown from Portland as well as international fame. Kyle MacLachlan, who plays the Mayor of Portland, will be back this season as you can see in the picture. Also Alec Baldwin has also expressed interest in being a guest actor and playing a butcher.


Portlandia has brought a lot of interest to Portland lately. There are many articles being written about the delicious food and quirky culture of this rainy city. The stereotypes of Portlanders are, much to Portland’s dismay, very true. The interesting thing to see will be if Portlanders start to change the culture as a way to get away from the image presented to the rest of the world by Portlandia.


If you don’t get a chance to see evidence of filming, you’ll see it on IFC in January and maybe you’ll feel inspired enough to come down and enjoy the food and fun here in Portland!

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