Portland Holidays

Portland is a great place to visit around the holidays. Local artists and craftspeople are in full force for the shopping season and the pop-up shops are stocked full of their amazing and creative objects. Crafty Wonderland is having its Super Colossal Holiday Sale this coming weekend (Dec 8th & 9th) at the Oregon Convention Center and will have 275 booths stocked with remarkable handcrafted gifts for everyone.

As we all know and fear, the world will end this year, so why not spend the last few days on vacation with all the weirdness of Portland?




photo by Crafty Wonderland



Portlandia has been busy filming all over Portland lately. Just walking down the street you can see camera, lighting, and sound crews wandering around and you can’t help but wonder if it’s Portlandia or Grimm or Leverage. I know a few people that have run into Fred Armisen during it’s filming around the city.


Season 3 of Portlandia should be full of celebrity guests including Chloe Sevigny, many of the Saturday Night Live cast, as well as musicians, locally grown from Portland as well as international fame. Kyle MacLachlan, who plays the Mayor of Portland, will be back this season as you can see in the picture. Also Alec Baldwin has also expressed interest in being a guest actor and playing a butcher.


Portlandia has brought a lot of interest to Portland lately. There are many articles being written about the delicious food and quirky culture of this rainy city. The stereotypes of Portlanders are, much to Portland’s dismay, very true. The interesting thing to see will be if Portlanders start to change the culture as a way to get away from the image presented to the rest of the world by Portlandia.


If you don’t get a chance to see evidence of filming, you’ll see it on IFC in January and maybe you’ll feel inspired enough to come down and enjoy the food and fun here in Portland!


Summer Has Finally Come to Portland

The rains have finally gone and Summer has come! That means it’s time for the locals to show some skin and blind everyone for a few months. But it also means there is more to do than sit inside, drinking coffee and reading books in Powell’s (not to say that isn’t fun). It stays light out until 9:30pm and warm until well after bars close. There are street fairs, movies in the park, summer festivals of food, beer, and music. With so much to do in Portland this Summer you couldn’t possibly be bored.


Summer is the rare time when you have the luxury to just walk or bike around Portland without the fear of being rained on. The trails are dry enough to walk on without ruining your shoes. Farmer’s markets are seemingly everywhere and make an excellent snack while on you walk or bike.

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Antiques & Collectables in Portland

Antiques and Collectables are big in Portland so it’s no wonder that America’s Largest Antiques & Collectables show is coming to the Expo Center in July. 1,400 booths of nostalgic items will be set up from the 1880s to the 1970s.

Ever wonder what that old vase is worth? Or maybe that pistol that Teddy Roosevelt gave to your great great grandfather? Just $5.00 per object for a verbal market evaluation by our experts. All proceeds go to the Portland Police Sunshine Division Food Bank. So bring all your family treasures or garage sale finds.

This show is attended by collectors from all over the world and features anything you can think of that was made before 1970. There a special exhibit at the show: 40 years of Pinball: from Whiffle to Fireball (1931-1971). Wonderful pinball machines from the era will be set up all weekend.


Mother’s Day in the Gardens

There are so many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Portland. There are numerous fine restaurants serving lunch downtown and on 23rd avenue. Many of them have special events or promotions for the day. Check them out here. Or stay on the hill and head over to the Oregon Zoo for their Mother’s Day Brunch buffet.

Why just send your Mother flowers when you can take her to a place full of flowers? The Japanese Gardens have a Mother’s Day special, a perfect place for after brunch or before dinner.


After brunch, dinner, or both, enjoy some delicious chocolate at Moonstruck on 23rd avenue, Sahagun or Verdun in the pearl, or one of the two Cacao locations downtown.


Valentine’s Day in Portland

There are many things to do in Portlandia during this loving holiday.

Oregon Zoo
One that is close to our heart and our vacation house is the Oregon Zoo. This year it is having a multi-course dinner after hours. The subject this year is about the mating program of the Zoo. You can purchase your tickets here:

If you are looking for something a little more weird then head out to Valloween at the Bossanova Ballroom the weekend before Valentine’s. They will be having live music, ariel arts and some macabre humor. Learn more here:

Virginia Cafe’s Annual Lip Print Contest
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Portland tradition. The women and men of Portland go downtown to visit this historic cafe and kiss a napkin to see if they will win a prize. Some of the categories are: Best Color and Best Shape.
Learn more about the contest here:

There are also many places to reserve a romantic dinner to enjoy the beauty of Portland with the one you love. Some of our favorites are:

1. McCormick and Schmick’s: There is a beautiful location on the water for you to enjoy the boats on the Willamette

For a fuller list of Valentine’s Day special menus in Portland check out Open Table here:

PDX House

Welcome to the West Hills

Nestled in the “Beverly Hills” of Portland, Portland City Retreat is just 5 minutes away from Downtown, the Pearl, the Zoo and some of the finest shopping and dining in the nation.

This 2,500-square-foot jewel features 3 Master Suites each with their own stunning bath. The suites are well appointed with exquisite details found only in the finest hotels.

A state-of-the-art kitchen serves as the centerpiece of this extraordinary home. You will hardly believe that you are in the heart of Portland as you are surrounded by majestic trees and stunning natural landscaping that can be accessed by massive decks and patios.

Why stay in a cramped and expensive hotel when you can enjoy a relaxed and luxurious visit to Portland in this contemporary masterpiece?